BFR’s Indoor Soccer Arena Gets Much Anticipated New Turf

   After 18 years and who-knows-how-many soccer matches, Bluffton Family Recreation has a new carpet – more precise, a new indoor turf for its soccer field.
   And, according to Joseph Beagle, BFR director, “We are getting great reviews from athletes using it.”
   The new turf replaced the original turf on its indoor soccer field.
   Bluffton Family Recreation, located at 215 Snider Road, Bluffton, offers year-around sports programming.
   The replacement wasn’t cheap. According to Beagle, the total cost is around $60,000. While it’s close to being paid for, donations are still coming in to put the turf fund over the top.
   “Turfs like the one we just removed have a lifetime of from 9 to 12 years. Ours was nearly twice that old,” he said.
   The new soccer turf covers 7,200 square feet. Over 2,000 athletes use the field over a typical 12-month period.
   Persons using the soccer area range in age from 2 to seniors. Programs held on the field include those for tiny tots, after-school programs, rookie sports and soccer matches.
   The field is heavily used on weekends and evenings. For example, this fall and winter, indoor soccer league has teams competing in 10 different age groups, starting with under 8 and going all the way to adult leagues.
   Interested in helping put the fund over the top? Pledges and donations may be made to Soccer Field Turf Project,  Bluffton Family Recreation,  215 Snider Road,  Bluffton, Ohio 45817.