BHS Students Tutor at Elementary Through S.O.S Program

   The Bluffton Exempted Village School, Students For Other Students (S.O.S.), Peer-Tutoring program has been a very important part of its intervention services, according to elementary principal Tim Closson.  The tutoring is offered to students in fourth and fifth grades.  A total of 17 students were tutored by 20 high school students during the 2016-2017 school year.  The program began on Nov. 28 and lasted until April 20, for a total of 70 sessions. Closson noted that part of the program is funded by Toledo businessman, Ford B. Cauffiel. 
   “The strength of the program is that students complete assignments at school.  Also, students receive vital one-on-one help.  We believe the success of the program is that our coordinators for the program are our teachers.  They know exactly what is expected and know the students on a personal basis,” Closson said. “Another positive is that the high school guidance counselor, along with the high school principal, select students to tutor in the program.  They screen high school students based on grades and character.  Each student completes an application to formally apply to tutor. The S.O.S. program provides valuable tutoring and mentoring experience for our High School students that may become part of their first resume.”
   The total cost of the program was $5,814.  The S.O.S. grant contributed $3,000 to pay for tutors.  The school contributed $2,182 for coordinator wages, $132 for tutors and $500 in supplies, use of classrooms, computers and administrative support. 
   The Bluffton S.O.S. program concentrated on students completing their math homework assignments with one-on-one intervention during each session.  The Ohio Competency-Based Assessments reveal that 14 out of 15 (93 percent) fourth grade students were proficient and six out of 10 students (60 percent) were proficient in fifth grade.  Additional data from the STAR Math testing program shows that the S.O.S. students in fourth grade gained an average of 1.86 grade levels and fifth graders gained an average of 1.31 grade levels.
   “We are very grateful and thankful for the generous contributions from the S.O.S. Foundation. The Ford B. Cauffiel Foundation from Toledo, Ohio, has been donating to this program for the past 10 years,” Closson said.
   This year Ford B. Cauffiel awarded a top student tutor, Ceandra Thurmond, with a $400 gift.