Bluffton’s New Postmaster Missy Lonsway Brings Lots Of Post Office Work Experience

by Paula McKibben   According to Missy Lonsway, new postmaster in Bluffton, “Upward mobility is always a goal. I like human resources. You can transfer anywhere.” However, to achieve a transfer, a person has to bid on the position.
   To date, she has been very successful bidding on the positions she has held.  She began postal work in North Baltimore as a clerk and mail carrier. Then she went to Custar as a postmaster and tried for a position as the North Baltimore postmaster, succeeding. She tried downtown Toledo as a branch manager, but came back to North Baltimore as the officer in charge. Her stop before Bluffton was Findlay as the postmaster. Of all of these positions, she likes being postmaster the best because every day is a new challenge.
   She wanted to continue to be busy, but needed a job that wasn’t quite as busy as Findlay in order to be with her grandchildren. And then Bluffton popped up on her radar.
   Here, she oversees six rural carriers, two city carriers, clerks in Mt. Cory and Rawson and a custodian.  She is in charge of the office, compiles daily reports, provides safety and service talks daily, observes the carriers, does payroll, handles public relations and provides customer service. She refers to her office as a “community office” because it is open to those in the facility when needed. For instance, passport pictures happen in “her” office.
   Bluffton services five zip codes: Jenera, Rawson, Mt. Cory, Beaverdam and Bluffton. The local office handles 600 packages a day, regularly, not documents, packages. UPS, Fed Ex and DHL all drop packages at the post office to be delivered. By the way, all mail, even the local mail, goes to Columbus where it is sorted, sequenced and shipped back to its delivery location.
   Although being in the postal service has worked out well for her, this was not part of her original plan. While growing up, she lived in North Baltimore and Findlay, graduating from Findlay High School in 1986. While attending Owens in early childhood education, she worked part-time at the post office. When a full-time position at the post office became available, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity for stability, benefits and regular hours.
   She has been working in the postal system for 15 years now, eight to nine of which have been as a postmaster.
   As the new Bluffton postmaster, Missy wants people to know, “I am people friendly. I’m all about customer service. I’m approachable.” Patrons will often see her sitting at a desk in the middle of the work area accomplishing some of her many tasks.