Bluffton Arby’s Completes Its New Décor

   It’s official. As of Thursday, June 29, aside from a little landscaping, the remodeling has been completed at Arby’s.
   Patrons coming to Arby’s will notice big changes. The most obvious change is the new Arby’s logo sign, high above the location, with a digital reader board below it announcing specials and menu items.
   Speaking of specials, happy hours from 2 to 5 p.m. every day have been added. All shakes, drinks, sliders, fries and cookies will be $1 during these hours.
   Patrons will want to eat these specials inside. The new décor has changed from blue, gray and white to gray, red and white and the floor is now brown tile instead of blue carpet.
Behind the order counter is a deli island where patrons can watch their sandwiches being made. Accompanying this addition is a cooler that displays the deli meats.
   In the dining area, there is a long dining table to accommodate large groups of 10-12 who are regulars at the restaurant.
   Also, a windowed partition between the eating area and the ordering area has been added, along with a looped ordering area to allow an extended line during peak patron times.
   Lisa Brown, manager, says that she has heard patrons say, “Beautiful” and “Really nice.” Brown, who has been there for almost 20 years, just likes the “newness” of it.