Bluffton Has A Number Of “Summer Projects” Already In Progress

  The I-75 bridges in Bluffton, exit 140, at the intersection of Bentley and Main, and in Beaverdam, exit 134, where N. Napoleon Road crosses I-75, are in the process of being replaced this summer, right down to the steel beams, which will remain. The Bluffton bridge is actually two bridges, one over the railroad and one over I-75. Additionally, College Avenue has been closed for gas pipeline replacement by Dominion since June 12.
   The completion date for the bridges on Bentley and Napoleon roads has been set for Oct. 31, according to Rhonda Pees, public information officer for ODOT District 1. However, Dustin Platfoot, supervisor of the project for Eagle Bridge, Sidney, OH, hopes to have the projects done in 120 days or sooner.
   Pees noted that the bridges are being replaced down to the beams because they were in a condition that required frequent maintenance. The  Bluffton bridges were built in 1964. They received a bridge overlay (resurfacing) in 1986 and were repainted in 1994. The Napoleon Road bridge was built in 1965, receiving a bridge overlay in 2004 and being painted in 2010. The only bridge to be repainted during this project will be the railroad bridge portion of the Bentley Road overpass.
   The bid for both projects was $3.1 million.
   The cost of the pipeline replacement on College Avenue will be $372,000, according to Peggy Ehora from Dominion. This is not a Pipeline, Infrastructure, Replacement (PIR) project, but a betterment project. The pipeline is being switched out because of the expansion at Grob. The line in place was just a 2-inch line, not enough to supply gas to the residents and Grob. The new line is an 8 inches.

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