Bluffton News Sells to Mickens Incorporated

   For the past 117 years, “The Bluffton News” has been owned and operated by two different father and son pairs. On May 26, a new father and son will operate the newspaper.
   “The Bluffton News” was founded in 1875 by N.W. Cunningham. It was then owned for a short time by Jesse Huber. He sold the property to I.N. Heminger, later editor and publisher of The Findlay Republican Courier. The B.F. Biery family purchased the paper in 1900. Mr. Biery and later his son, Ted, owned and operated the paper for 52 years.
   Sixty-five years ago, the Milt Edwards family purchased the paper from Ted Biery. Milt, and then son, Tom, have owned and operated it since 1952. On May 26, a new family of weekly newspaper owners will obtain ownership of “The Bluffton News” and “The North Baltimore News.” Don and Susan Mickens will own the newspapers. Their son, Keith Mickens, will operate as manager. The Mickens family also owns and manages papers in Deshler, Leipsic, Delta, and Liberty Center.
   Don Mickens began his newspaper days with “The Toledo Blade.”  He later became a weekly newspaper owner. “Don and Keith Mickens understand community journalism. They have enjoyed success for many years. They look forward to operating the newspaper using the same staff,” said Tom Edwards. 
   Austin Arnold will remain as editor. Paula McKibben will continue to write feature stories and assist Austin. Kim Louviaux will stay as the advertising sales manager.
   “The future of print journalism, especially community papers, seems bright as we live in an ever-changing media environment. New challenges and opportunities appear every day,” stated Edwards.
   An open house is planned for Wednesday, May 24, from 2 to 6 p.m. at The Bluffton News office. The public is invited to come for refreshments and meet the new owners.