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More Triahtletes Drawn to “Be a Beaver”

   The second annual running, swimming and biking of Bluffton’s Be A Beaver Triathlon brought about 100 competitors to town on Saturday, May 30.
   The participants – up in number from 64 for the event’s debut last year – started with a jump into the Bluffton Community Pool for a 400-meter swim. A 20-kilometer (12.4-mile) bike ride and a 5K (3.1-mile) run completed the triathlon, won for the second straight year by Justin Kahle, 21, of Defiance, Ohio, in a time of 58 minutes, 28 seconds.

Grads Urged to Value Precious Life

   Life after graduation can be a confusing and stressful transition for many college students, but Dr. Karen Longman believes the secret to life can be summarized in one interjection: WAHOO!
   “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” asked Longman, quoting poet Mary Oliver, May 3, at Bluffton University’s 115th annual commencement ceremony.
WAHOO! isn’t just a shout of celebration on graduation day, but also an acronym to guide students as they open a new chapter of their lives, she told Bluffton’s class of 2015.

Musical Directors Recall Memories

   A borrowed sawhorse that was broken, and replaced, without the director knowing what had happened. A dead character wheeled off on a dolly, to applause, during a scene change. A rented backdrop coming down during a change and winding up in a pile on the floor backstage during the show.
   Those were just a few of the memories – most humorous, others more serious – evoked on May 2 for current and past directors of Bluffton University’s May Day theatrical productions, which date to 1915.

Alumna Comes “Home” for May Day

   Margery (Lecrone) Gregg has a simple answer to the question of what keeps bringing her back to the Bluffton campus where she graduated from college in 1940.
   “It’s home,” says the Amsterdam, Ohio, resident, 96, who returned again with her daughter and son-in-law, Carol (Gregg ’66) and Jan ’69 Benroth, for Bluffton University’s annual May Day events on May 2.
   Mrs. Gregg, a retired teacher and school librarian, remembers Bluffton in the late ‘30s as a place where she and fellow female students living in Ropp Hall had assigned seats for meals. “We ate together at noon; we ate together at night,” she says, also recalling tables with white tablecloths and servers wearing white coats. “We were family.”

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