Council Hires Jack Huber As Bluffton Village Administrator

   At a special council meeting held on Wednesday, June 14, council voted unanimously to hire Jack Huber as Bluffton’s village administrator.
   Huber graduated from Bluffton High School in 1975 and plans to spend some time living with his father on the farm outside of Bluffton before moving back to town.
   Previously, he worked for the city of Lima in the Utility Department, coming up through the ranks from construction to scheduler/planner and retiring from there after 30 plus years of service.
   In 2009 he earned a degree in business/public administration. Ever since then, he has been keeping his eye open “for this kind of job in this area.”
   He says, “Public service was enkindled in me pretty early because my dad was a trustee for Richland Township,” dealing with property owners and emergencies.
   People often don’t know where to turn when they have a problem, commented Huber. “It is very fulfilling for me to help these people get problems taken care of.”
   He wants the people of Bluffton to know, “I will be approachable, accessible. When there are issues to be handled, I’m going to be there.”
Huber has six children, all of whom have graduated from high school.