Improvements Taking Place at Bluffton First United Methodist Church

   A number of capital improvement projects are taking place at Bluffton First United Methodist Church, some of which have been quite evident to those that have happened to pass by in the past week or so.
   According to Rev. Timothy Wilmetti, the main structure of the church building was built in 1916. With age, the exterior brick started to absorb moisture, which resulted in the deterioration of the plaster inside the church sanctuary. A campaign was started last year to raise funds to repair and seal the brick, re-plaster the interior walls, and eventually replace three entry doors, Wilmetti said. 
   With the aforementioned improvements planned, a member of the congregation then came to Wilmetti with the idea of improving the landscaping around the church.  Wilmetti said the last time the church had a landscaping project was around 20 years ago, and it hadn’t been well maintained. 
   “We put together a team to discuss what we should do, and the consensus was to start fresh.  The goal was to take down some of the damaged trees on our property, particularly ones that blocked some of our building, then put in new trees and shrubs,” Wilmetti explained.  “So, with the masonry work ready to begin, we figured it would be good to get the trees and shrubs out so they had room for scaffolding and tools. Once the brick is completed, and we raise money for the landscaping, the first phase of the landscaping will begin with Church Street.  Phase two will be the Jackson Street side of the sanctuary and the final phase will be the courtyard area.”
   Wilmetti noted that the brickwork on the building started this Monday, with the other projects to follow this summer.
   “The overarching goal is to show the Bluffton community that our church is still healthy and vibrant,” Wilmetti said. “We want to communicate that we care about our church, and the ministry that God is doing in and through it.”