Items Salvaged from Harmon Road Home Go to Good Cause

by Benji Benrgstrand   If you’ve been down Harmon Road lately you’ve probably noticed big changes at 582 North Harmon Road. That’s where Darrell and Heidi Hotmire are building a new office building to accommodate their growing practice. “We need more room,” Heidi Hotmire said. “And we’re looking to add another health provider to the practice.”
   Before the Hotmires could build on the site a house on the property had to be removed. The Hotmires tried to find someone interested in moving the house, but in the end it had to be demolished, and before it was demolished the Hotmires made the decision to take a little extra time in the deconstruction process to benefit a local non-profit organization.
   The Hotmires contacted the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Lima to see if they could salvage anything from the house before the wrecking crews moved in. “We think that Habitat is a good and worthy cause,” Hotmire said. “We’re very appreciative of the things Habitat did for us.”
   The ReStore sent a representative to look over the property to determine what they would be able to take and how to safely handle the process. “We strive to make the deconstruction operation a simple and stress-free process for the donor,” ReStore manager Karen Wagner said. “Donations drive our operation and help us raise more money for Habitat, so the easier we can make it, the more likely people are to donate.”
   A few days later ReStore staff arrived with local volunteers Tim Hartzler, Lynn Miller and Lucas Cohn-Evans. The crew was able to salvage more than a truckload worth of usable materials from the site including kitchen cabinets, a bathroom set, carpets, doors and all the windows in the house. Some of the flowers and bushes were even relocated to help landscape the Habitat offices in Lima.
The rest of the items have been put up for sale at the ReStore. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is open to the public and offers new and used building materials, home improvement materials, furniture, appliances and much more, all at discounted prices. All of the proceeds from the sale of these items goes to support the mission of the Lima area Habitat for Humanity to end poverty housing in the Lima/Allen County area.
   Some of the items from the Hotmire house have already benefitted Habitat. “Several of those pieces have already sold,” Wagner said. “Things move pretty quickly around here. In fact, the carpet sold the same day we brought it in!”