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In November the Cory-Rawson School district will be voting on a levy to build a new elementary school.  The local share is $6,287,899 (48%).  The state share is $6,811,891 (52%). This is over a period of 29 years.  Cost on a $100,000 house will be $169.90 per year, $13.90 per month, $3.21 per week, .46 cents per day.  The Cory-Rawson community needs a new elementary school.  We are fortunate the state is supporting our decision to build an elementary building only and not insisting we build an entire K-12 building which has been required of schools in the past.  It will be more cost efficient for us to build just an elementary building.   Everyone knows this is not the ideal time to ask the community for more money especially with the economy as it is.  On the other hand, the community of Cory-Rawson has never been afraid to take on a challenge, or to work hard and make sacrifices to accomplish goals set before us. We have always strived to offer our children the best when it comes to their education, and we can be very proud of the outstanding students that the Cory-Rawson School turns out. Please vote yes in November and continue the Cory-Rawson tradition of excellence. Randy and Kim Anderson, Bluffton

Bluffton Community


My name is Rhonda Thompson, my daughter Allene Thompson is a 7th grader at Bluffton Middle School. In November 2006, she was dying. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes or juvenile diabetes. Once she began insulin therapy she bounced back. There is no cure for Type 1 Diabetes, only life-sustaining medication. Allene wears an insulin pump that delivers insulin to her body. This has been a very positive development in her diabetes management. She is able to provide the majority of her medical care: changing her pump site every 3 days, filling her insulin reservoir, checking her blood sugar 6-10 times a day, giving herself an injection as needed, although as a 12-year-old she still needs occasionally assistance with her care. Everything she puts in her mouth must be weighed or measured and her blood sugars even need to be checked while she sleeps and during any strenuous activity. She is always a trooper, rarely complaining and amazes us with her ability to handle this overwhelming disease and continues to bless our lives with her positive attitude. In fact, you can cheer her on as a member of the junior high cross country team. There are three other Bluffton students with Type 1 Diabetes. You may know 2nd grader Nephi Peralta and 4th grader Nate Staley. They are all incredible kids dealing with a terrible disease. They are all our heroes. Many thanks to the schools for their assistance with our children’s care. We are waiting and hoping for a cure. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) has been working on a cure since its founding in 1970 by parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes, and each year of research gets us closer. Due to past research, kids with diabetes are able to live longer, healthier and more normal lives. More than 85% of JDRF’s expenditures directly support research and research-related education. The “Walk to Cure Diabetes” is an annual event held each September and October all across the country to raise money for JDRF research for a cure. Our family will be involved with a Walk in Dayton, on October 3rd. If you would like to make a difference in Allene’s life and the lives of Nephi, Nate and one other student, please send a tax-deductable donation to JDRF. You can contact me at 567-204-2384 and I will make arrangements to pick up your donation in any amount, made payable to JDRF or you can donate directly to www.jdrf.org. We will deliver all donations in Allene’s honor as well as Nephi, Nate and one other Bluffton student the morning of the walk. Thank you for helping us research for a cure. Bob, Rhonda and Allene Thompson Rural Bluffton



To the editor,

I’m writing this letter in concern on the streetscape. I
have talked to some of the store owners and they got a surprise
letter saying there would be an increase in their cost.
I’m not the best on letter writing and letting my concerns
be known but here goes.

Letter to the Editor - Thanks


We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to
the medical staff at the Bluffton and Findlay Campuses of
Blanchard Valley Hospital and to Bridge Hospice for their
care and concern of our husband and Dad during his recent
illness and passing.

Thank you to our family, friends and neighbors for the
many cards we received, the phone calls that were made,
the prayers, the meals and gifts that were given in memory
of Robert.

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