God, Flag and Country


Seven score and ten years ago Abraham Lincoln was facing a country divided by slavery, but today we face a different kind of division.   Republican vs. Democrat — Christian vs. Humanist, gun control vs. gun rights, and Abortion vs. Pro-Life.  If I was Abraham Lincoln today and was facing a country so divided, I would not know where to begin. Being brought up in a Christian home, I suppose I would begin by encouraging Christians to live and die completely for God.  But I do not think that is enough to bring this nation together to fight economic and political ruin.  

Which is Better for You, Pop Tarts or Dog Food?


by Dr. Sam Heiks   For better or worse, my family decided to take the plunge and add a puppy to the ranks.  With the exception of leaping all over guests and peeing on the carpet early in the mornings, we have enjoyed the experience.  Like any good experience in life, we are learning something about ourselves as a family along the way. 

Thank You from Greg Conkling


To the residences of Bluffton and the surrounding communities I would like to say THANK YOU for your Loyalty, Trust and Patronage.

I would like to thank you for these 26 plus years of Trust.  Your Loyalty and Support has been the corner stone to the success of Greg’s Pharmacy.

There comes a time when all good things must end and this is the Time for me.  I have decided to sell Greg’s Pharmacy.  The official sale will take place on December 31, 2012.  The new owners are a regional chain from the Dayton Area – Clark’s Pharmacy.  Tim Clark, the owner, is a 3rd Generation Independent Pharmacy owner.  They understand what it takes to provide “ Quality Products, Comprehensive Information and Never Ending Service”  The new owners are Good People with similar Philosophies regarding Customer service and respect for their employees. 

Letter from John M. Pilarowski


Twenty elementary school children and six adults were assassinated by an American terrorist. This latest tragic massacre is a bi-product of a lack of mental health services, our gun culture and the easy availability and access to high-powered weapons. That combination is deadly. A recent “Mother Jones” study has listed 61 mass killings in the United States in the last 30 years. This carnage is senseless, but continues making us all potential victims living in fear of that next attack.

Since 1933 more Americans have been killed by firearms in the United States than in all our wars combined. We need to stop taking body counts and seek positive, common sense legislation to stop this madness. We should all be angry, but direct that anger for reasonable enforcement of and solutions to this firearm danger.

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