Letter from John M. Pilarowski


Twenty elementary school children and six adults were assassinated by an American terrorist. This latest tragic massacre is a bi-product of a lack of mental health services, our gun culture and the easy availability and access to high-powered weapons. That combination is deadly. A recent “Mother Jones” study has listed 61 mass killings in the United States in the last 30 years. This carnage is senseless, but continues making us all potential victims living in fear of that next attack.

Since 1933 more Americans have been killed by firearms in the United States than in all our wars combined. We need to stop taking body counts and seek positive, common sense legislation to stop this madness. We should all be angry, but direct that anger for reasonable enforcement of and solutions to this firearm danger.

From Bob Amstutz


   I have heard all the nice things that have been said by a lot of people about President Obama. I have heard he is a good speaker, a very smart person, a good father and husband, a good basketball player, he dresses very well, and a good golfer with a lot of practice. I have not heard why he has been a good President. What specifically has he done to rate being reelected? What has he done to be a good leader of our nation? He is the only President to lead from behind, showing he is not a leader at all. He has done nothing but fail in the last 4 years. 23 million people are out of work [7.8 percent unemployment]. I guess that this is the new normal.

From Diane Muller


   This is the most important election we will have in our lifetime and if President Obama gets re-elected it will be a disaster.
Mitt Romney will know how to run the country, not like the novice we have.
   Socialism doesn’t work in any country that it has been tried. Margaret Thatcher once said about socialism, pretty soon you run out of other people’s money.
The more money the government takes from the private sector the poorer the country. People do a much better job taking care of their wealth than the government does with the money they tax away from you.
   Look at the millions Obama wasted trying to prop up those green jobs. People need to keep more of their money so they can start a business or reinvest in the business they have.

Thank You from A Lotta Love Pet Rescue


We wish to thank all those who graciously donated to our Pet Rescue on behalf of Robin Wilch who passed away so very suddenly and who was a great and devoted animal lover.   If anyone else would like to make a contribution in Robin’s memory, please send donations to me at the address below.   All donations are fully tax deductible and all contributions go completely to help animals as we have no paid staff, only volunteers.   Please make checks payable to “A Lotta Love Pet Rescue” and all donations will be acknowledged with a receipt for your tax records.   Thank you on  behalf of dear Robin and on behalf of all the dogs and cats you will help.


A Lotta Love Pet Rescue
c/o David Baumgartner
437 S. Main Street
Bluffton OH 45817

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