Mayor Augsburger “Hopeful” That New Village Administrator “On Board By July”

by Sarah Beechboard   The Village of Bluffton Council met on the second Monday of June at 8 p.m. on the third floor of Town Hall. After the opening ceremonies, the mayor commented that she had been asked to keep the meeting short. “I think the Cavs are playing tonight,” she said while laughing. It was not to be, however. The meeting lasted an hour.
   The bills were passed by motion. Two items were up for readings. Ordinance No. 07-17 passed the first of three readings and Resolution No. 12-17 passed the first reading by emergency. 
Mayor Augsburger then gave the Administrator’s Report. Her report included a “thank you” to all involved in getting the Bluffton pool ready for use. There has been a lot of positive feedback from swimmers lately.
   Another project that’s going well is the Shannon Cemetery Memorial Park. Right now the main sign is being worked on. They hope to finish the memorial in under six months.
   Next, council discussed a liquor license request from Campo Lindo. A separate hearing will not be needed for the license to be granted to the local Mexican restaurant.
   Also in the mayor’s report was a warning that a road will be closing for the rest of June. College Avenue, between Main Street and Railroad Street, will be closed due to a gas line replacement.
   Lastly, Mayor Augsburger updated council about the open Village Administrator’s (VA) position. Second interviews are being conducted, and they are “very hopeful that someone will be on board by July 1.”
   Previously, Mayor Augsburger had been working with the Hancock County Commissioners and the Veteran’s Association to become a Purple Heart Community. At the last meeting, the Hancock County Commissioners attended to get Mayor Augsburger’s signature on the Purple Heart Community Prolamatioin. And on June 6, a ceremony was held in Findlay that made Bluffton officially such a community. The mayor is looking to purchase a Purple Heart flag as well as a few signs to commemorate the designation. A local ceremony is to be scheduled with the American Legion.
   Three citizens of Bluffton addressed council during Public Comment. The first, Paula Scott, asked about the lack of signs about the closure of Bentley Road. She said that a client of hers had trouble getting to Bluffton, and she could lose business if this continues to be a problem.
   Joe Tschuor came again to ask about the VA position. He wanted to know how much money would be offered for the job. Council replied that it mainly depended on the candidates themselves. Tschuor then asked what the previous administrator had been making. Mayor Augsburger said that it had been around $72,000 a year.
   The last speaker during Public Comment was Karen Dukes. She voiced her concern over the recent talks of bringing food trucks into the village. She said that in her experience, these trucks would run local small restaurants out of business.
   Before the council meeting was finished, it went into executive session. A few future meeting dates were set, including a public hearing for the 2018 budget. It will be held at 8:15 p.m. on July 10.
   The next council meeting will be on Monday, June 26 at 8 p.m.