Mayor Sets Timetable for Selection of Village Administrator at Council Meeting

by Sarah Beechboard   Despite the weather, the Bluffton Council conducted its regularly scheduled meeting at Town Hall. The meeting began on Monday night, March 13, at 8 p.m. and was notably brief. After the opening ceremonies, the bills and minutes from the last meeting were approved without discussion. Next, a representative from the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce came to discuss funding. Plans for the Bluffton National Night Out are already underway, but there has been some confusion when it comes to donations. The Chamber suggested a few ways that the Bluffton Council could help. It was mentioned, however, that this was a responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce.
   After the Chamber left, there was an announcement regarding two future closings of Main street. The first will take place on May 13 from 5 a.m. until 5 p.m. The second will be from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. on June 10.
   The Administrator’s report was given next by Mayor Augsburger. First, the council voted to approve the purchase of a sign and the repair of a pair of garage doors; they are both located at the Dottie J. Anderson Terminal at the airport.
   Second, there was an update given about the EPA lead mapping that has been an ongoing project this year. The mapping has been completed, and submitted to the EPA before the due date. This map is also available for viewing at the Town Hall for residents.
   Next, Mayor Augsburger mentioned, “there is mulch available at the brush dump for the village residents.”
   The mayor also mentioned that there had been some complaints from the public. She was told that the council was difficult to hear during the meetings. She proposed that more microphones be added in front of the council members. After that, the council discussed the need for Town Hall to be cleaned. It was decided that an ad would be put out in the local papers to find a suitable service.
   The final note on the Administrator’s report was about the Village Administrator’s position. The Village of Bluffton has been operating without an administrator for over a month now. In the past few meetings, Mayor Augsburger has given no exact explanations or plans. At this meeting, however, she laid out a projected timetable. It starts the end of March with an advertisement for applications to the VA position and ends with a new administrator by the end of June.
   During the safety services presentation, Cody Ganson was sworn in as a new police officer on a part-time basis. Ganson is a graduate of Rhodes State and a resident of Allen County.
   There were no pieces of legislation passed or discussed, and the meeting was finished before 9 p.m.