Barbara Plaugher Says, “I Just Wanted to Serve Others”

by Paula McKibben   As we travel through our lives, most of us jump from goal to goal to goal. Barbara Plaugher had one goal: to serve others in a rewarding way. In nursing school, she had hoped to serve on the Good Ship Hope as a scrub nurse. However, marriage and raising a family pushed that goal to the back of her life for a while.

Harvest Season Running Late; Earlier Rains Would Have Helped Crops

by Paula McKibben   The corn and bean harvest is finally in full swing, four to five weeks later than last year when the harvest was completed by the end of October. The timing and the amount of rain have affected the yields, according to Mitch Welty from Legacy, Kevin Phillips from Pandora Grain and Josh Loverich from Arlington Heritage. Welty said that the farms north of State Route 613 received more rain and were having better yields.

1966 Pirate Football Team Won First Championship Since 1946

   At Friday night’s game with Ada, the 1966 NWC Champs from Bluffton will be honored.

Ordinance Concerning Burial of Indigent Persons Ensues at Council Meeting

by Ron Geiser   Second reading of an ordinance concerning burial of indigent persons brought about a lengthy discussion during what otherwise was a routine meeting of Bluffton Village Council Monday night.
   Council recently brought up this legislation to cover situations where persons within the village or their families are unable to pay for burial and other funeral expenses. At question was the proposed section determining indigence.
   An indigent decedent means a person who dies without leaving an ascertainable estate sufficient to pay part or all of the person’s burial expenses and whose burial expenses are not payable by the state or county’s Veteran Administration.

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