Bluffton Arby’s Completes Its New Décor

   It’s official. As of Thursday, June 29, aside from a little landscaping, the remodeling has been completed at Arby’s.
   Patrons coming to Arby’s will notice big changes. The most obvious change is the new Arby’s logo sign, high above the location, with a digital reader board below it announcing specials and menu items.
   Speaking of specials, happy hours from 2 to 5 p.m. every day have been added. All shakes, drinks, sliders, fries and cookies will be $1 during these hours.
   Patrons will want to eat these specials inside. The new décor has changed from blue, gray and white to gray, red and white and the floor is now brown tile instead of blue carpet.

Bluffton Has A Number Of “Summer Projects” Already In Progress

  The I-75 bridges in Bluffton, exit 140, at the intersection of Bentley and Main, and in Beaverdam, exit 134, where N. Napoleon Road crosses I-75, are in the process of being replaced this summer, right down to the steel beams, which will remain. The Bluffton bridge is actually two bridges, one over the railroad and one over I-75. Additionally, College Avenue has been closed for gas pipeline replacement by Dominion since June 12.
   The completion date for the bridges on Bentley and Napoleon roads has been set for Oct. 31, according to Rhonda Pees, public information officer for ODOT District 1. However, Dustin Platfoot, supervisor of the project for Eagle Bridge, Sidney, OH, hopes to have the projects done in 120 days or sooner.

Bemiller Restores 1931 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan

by Paula McKibben   Jim Bemiller, who hails from Fredericktown and the Mansfield area, but has lived in Bluffton for several years, wanted a car when he started college at OSU in 1955, but his dad didn’t want him to have one. So Jim got himself a Whizzer motorbike in 1956. Then, in 1957, he upgraded to a 1949 Cushman motor scooter. In 1958, he was really cruising with a Harley Davidson motorcycle. However, he was afraid that riding the Harley in the winter might be a little too chilly for central Ohio, so he found a car in August of 1958 with 59,900 some miles for $100 – a 1931 Model A Ford Tudor sedan.

Relay For Hope Event Helps Fight Cancer

by Austin Arnold   While the sky threatened rain, after much had fallen earlier in the day, it held off and for the large group of people that had gathered at Bluffton Family Recreation (BFR) it made for a pleasant Friday evening. The local sports and fitness center was abuzz as members of the community and the area came out to support Bluffton’s annual Relay for Hope.

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