DTR Inc. to cut production

Due to a global reorganization of their parent company, Tokai Rubber, DTR Industries Inc. plans to cut production of their hose line.

The portion of the plant that produces rubber hoses for the automotive industry will be closing, but not for at least a year, said a company official. The Bluffton plant employs 760 people.

According to Mayor Fred Rodabaugh, DTR Industries Inc. had its highest payroll ever in 2007 and has experienced declining numbers in 2008 and 2009.

The plant has offered many of their associates early retirement plans, severance packages and buy-outs. The number of people who will be laid off will depend upon the response that plant officials receive from their associates, said DTR Executive Coordinator Tom King.

National Fire Prevention Week takes kids for a ride

Bluffton Elementary school students went for a ride around town this past Tuesday on a 1927 Studabaker truck to celebrate National Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 4-10.

Blaze of Lights events

Now that Fall Festival has come and gone, residents of Bluffton can start thinking about another town favorite, the Blaze of Lights. The kick-off to the Blaze is scheduled for Friday, November 20th at The Centre. There are several exciting events happening that week!

Painting Main Street Red & White

Many spectators lined the newly paved Main Street this past Friday to watch this year’s Bluffton High School homecoming parade. This event was organized by the Bluffton High School football moms and began at 6 p.m. downtown as a part of homecoming’s weeklong festivities.


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