Village to Stay Ahead of the Curve in Updating Sewer Services

by Paula McKibben  The wastewater treatment plant project and the west side interceptor project are costing the village 3.7 million dollars. Should we be worried?
   Absolutely not.
   We should be grateful.
   Heading up these two projects are Dan Bowden, superintendent of the wastewater treatment plant and Scott Phillips, Bluffton Village service department foreman. Phillips indicated that projects are chosen through a process where “the worst of the worst” is evaluated and fixed.
   Mayor Judy Augsburger concurs saying, “Bluffton is ahead of the curve,” for this reason.

Bluffton University’s 2007 Baseball Team Enters Athletics Hall of Fame

  by Austin Arnold    A very special and emotional ceremony was held for the latest induction into Bluffton University’s Athletics Hall of Fame, as the 2007 Beaver baseball team earned that honor on Saturday night.

Construction of Women’s Center at Bluffton Hospital Moving Right Along

   A little over a year ago, a major announcement occurred when plans for a Women’s Center were unveiled by Bluffton Hospital – plans currently under construction inside the walls of the facility.
   A few notable updates have been made as the project enters into the final few months of its projected completion. 
   The new diagnostics center, which includes a radiology lab and electrocardiogram (EKG), officially opened for business on Jan. 31. While it’s only been a couple of weeks time, Chris Keller, Bluffton Hospital chief administrative officer, said the opening of the diagnostics center has gone over really well.

Campito Lindo Opens in Bluffton, Offers Menu Items Made Fresh Daily

by Paula McKibben  Campito Lindo Mexican Restaurant & Cantina is now open for business at 142 N. Main in Bluffton, close to the Town Hall. The new owner is Enrique Cabrera, who is also one of the owners of El Campo in Ada. However, Cabrera has hired Carlos Vazquez as the manager. According to Vazquez, Cabrera said, “I trust you,” and gave him this opportunity.

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