Ride To Remember Sees Expansion Yet Again

by Paula McKibben   The Ride to Remember made its goal this year, over 200 riders. The ride has expanded by about 50 riders each of the last two years. All proceeds go to the Bluffton Lions Foundation's Pedestrian and Bikeway in memory of Ropp and Mary Emma Triplett who helped launch Bluffton's first pedestrian and bicycle path.
   Most of the Triplett clan, who suggested this ride activity, turned out for the festivities. Children, Nancy, Greg, Roger, Bill and Larry were there with their families, as well as Tomm and Tish, children of Morris and Jean Triplett.
   Members of the family participating included great-grandchildren Sam and Ben Coy and Janet, wife of Roger, sporting a Tour de Tush shirt and calling herself  “a billboard for colon cancer awareness.”
   Those participating in the ride could choose from any number of ride options. The 63-mile loop and the 112-mile loop encompassed the communities of Ottawa, Gilboa, Benton Ridge, Rawson, Mt. Cory, Pandora, Rockport and Bluffton. Also, there were 28 bikers signed up for the 112-mile loop, also known as the Bill Triplett Challenge, twice as many as last year.
   Other loops were a town loop (2 miles), fun loop (10 miles), bold loop (100 miles), and a main loop with cutoffs at 13,18, 23, 40, 50, 56 and 63 miles. 
   Paul Nusbaum was riding with the Putnam County Cyclists for the Bill Triplett Challenge. This is a group who meets twice weekly to ride 25 mile loops.
   Trying out the fun loop were the entire Bergstrand family, including the grandparents and two small children riding along in a carriage attached to dad’s bike.
   Over 80 volunteers, all decked out in fluorescent lime green t-shirts, assisted during the day.