Start a Tradition – Set Up for the Blaze

   What a wonderful family tradition to begin. Families can spend time together setting up just one display or multiple displays on the lawn at the Presbyterian Church for the Blaze of Lights for this, the 30th anniversary of the Blaze of Lights.
   On Saturday, Nov. 5, about a dozen people showed up to hang lights for the displays. Meggan Hartzog, Leola Lanker and Kim Zimmerman, all from Lima, have been coming for years to help to put up lights.  Jeanie Ream, niece of the Reams who donated the collection, was there putting lights on bushes. Luke Brodman was up in a tree hanging lights that were handed to him by his dad Roger. Jeff Carroll was also helping to hang lights in the trees, along with Chad Lanker and Helen Hawk. (Missing from the group was Mike Reichelderfer of Lima, who came diligently every year with his wife to hang lights, until he succumbed to cancer in September.) Jerry Burkholder and Dave Goode worked as a team to string lights just as Terry Mullenhour, organizer, and Clair Winebar did.
   Lynda Best, also an organizer, says that they will need help this coming weekend to put up the displays. She says to come for an hour, or come to put up just one display – don’t feel that as a volunteer you are committed to stay for the whole morning. It would be nice to let Lynda know you are coming, but calling ahead is not necessary.
   Best indicated that donations are also appropriate. They need strings of 300 regular mini lights, not LEDs, in whites and colors. They also would like to use the stargazer lights that shine colored dots on buildings.
   Call Best at 419-296-2790 for more information.