Streetscape Snag

As is true with most large projects, adjustments are having to be made in the planning of the sreetscape project.

The original plan was to completely finish one side of the street before beginning any work on the other side. The sidewalks on the Town Hall side of the street are nearing completion; the next phase would be to place the streetlights and poles. However, due to delays in the arrival of the new lights, temporary ones will be put up for the next six weeks.

“We’ve hit a slight snag with the project. The streetlights and poles will not be in for another six weeks. We are placing temporary lights to keep Main Street safe and well lit at night,” said Village Administrator, Jamie Mehaffie.

The temporary lights will be about fifty feet tall and will be in place until about mid-October.

Once in place, the new lights will have a nostalgic look and will be reminiscent of those that lined the streets of Bluffton in the 1920s.