Tommy And Sheena Dotson Want To Make Bluffton An Even Better Place

   Tommy and Sheena Dotson recently bought the block building at 130 Vance Street, which had previously been TLU Rescue.
They bought the property because they needed the back of the lot for parking, envisioning the building as a possible multi-unit office facility.
   Construction of this multi-unit office facility is beginning this week and will hopefully be completed within a couple of months.  The Dotsons hope to make two small affordable rentals with this unit and to use the back garage for their own business.
   It’s very tough finding small affordable spaces for small business in this town. Tom believes, “Not every small business requires massive square footage or a huge rent payment every month. We want to cater to those businesses with this property.” Tom and Sheena did a similar thing with Tommy’s Plaza, turning it from a one-unit rental to a four-unit rental with all spaces full and thriving.
   This is another rental project for Tommy and Sheena. They are a team set on improving Bluffton by buying vacant properties and fixing them up. “We are going to keep buying,” to rejuvenate ignored properties in town. To date, they own the buildings where the following businesses are located: Leiber’s Garage (own the business also), LuLu’s, Tommy Tire building, trailer lot on Jefferson, Tommy’s Plaza, the building housing Dr. James office and three rental homes in Bluffton.