Tommy Tire Sales Ready to Add Retail Services at Shop

  by Austin Arnold    Tom Dotson of Tommy Tire Sales has found a home for his business here in Bluffton. Just under a year of being located at 319 North Main St., he already has plans for expanding his business and service to customers.  A week and a half ago, Dotson purchased the building his company is housed in and, in the future, he will utilize more space within the building to allow for servicing tires on cars and light trucks. The large majority of the business, to date, has been dedicated to servicing commercial trucking companies and farm equipment. And although that will remain an integral part of Tommy Tire Sales, Dotson is looking forward to being able to offer tire sales and repairs to residents of the community.
   “We’re just starting out the retail. We got some guys coming through the door now and the plan is to eventually go full retail,” Dotson said.
   As far as servicing customers’ vehicles, Tommy Tire Sales will be focusing strictly on one area.
   “We’re going to be doing full automotive as far as tires. We’re not going to do any oil changes and brakes or anything, I don’t want to take away from Kirtland’s and those kind of guys. We’re hoping to focus on tires, that’s our thing,” Dotson said.
   Right now, tires can be serviced by appointment Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Dotson said they will schedule appointments later than that if needed. Pick-up and delivery is also offered if it serves as a convenience to the customer. In time, the business will look to have a stock of tires then move to a first come first serve based format.
   Dotson has envisioned having a place in Bluffton where someone can come in and specifically pick out and buy tires.
   “It’s not like Delphos or Findlay, there’s really no place to buy tires if you say to yourself ‘I need tires today.’ There’s no place with a showroom or has a lot of tires in stock, so I think there’s a huge need for a place like that,” Dotson said. 
   Dotson’s vision will soon be a reality in the next few months. Currently, Tommy Tire Sales is located at the back of building, but now that he bought the facility, he will eventually take up more space, which will allot for more room to service vehicles and have a tire showroom, which will display various tires for sale.
   Even though there is a lot of focus on gearing up for the retail side of the business, Tommy Tire Sales will certainly still service big trucks and semis. With two service trucks, Tommy Tire Sales has operated in 11 counties and will look to continue that trend and add on to that total if possible. 
   “We’re not going to change what we do now. Retail is going to be an addition to what we do,” Dotson said.

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