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Bellefontaine High School Band Visits, Plays For MMH Residents

by Austin Arnold   On Thursday, July 20, a lasting memory was made not only for a handful of residents at Mennonite Memorial Home (MMH), but also for over 100 high school students visiting from Bellefontaine, OH.

Frequent Library Visitor And Program Instructor To Return To Home In Japan

by Paula McKibben   Just before Ayane Hida left Japan for the Mazza Museum at the University of Findlay as part of the Japanese Outreach Initiative (JOI), her grandmother said, “You will die,” if you go to America. Her grandmother had never left the island of Japan and was scared for her granddaughter. Besides, it was not as though her grandmother didn’t have a good reason to fear for her: Ayane had just been the victim of a scooter accident in Japan which cost her her right eye and mangled her left leg, both together requiring six surgeries.

A Look Into The Bluffton Business Bonanza

by Average Joe   At a time when small town business districts are dying in droves, Bluffton’s business district is this phenomenal muscular economic anomaly.  Think about it…
   A town of 3,875 people support (Count ‘em!) seven downtown restaurants, two hardware stores, two “dollar stores” (modern version of general store), a pharmacy, a community grocery store, a busy bicycle shop, four car mechanic shops, a sporting goods store, antique/re-sale stores, and on …
   This phenomenon is not lost on Bluffton University Economics Professor Jonathan Andreas.  He said he’s actually quite blown away by it.

Rawson Has A Day Of Fun And Community

   All that’s left of the Rawson Proud Festival is the occasional styrofoam ice cream cup and trampled grass at the park.
   Each year the crowds have gotten bigger. According to Rick Essinger, president of the non-profit Rawson Proud organization, “I was told by the vendors there were more people this year than last.”
   So, what brings people in? It’s a homecoming of sorts. It’s the one time during the year when neighbors and friends who have moved in and out of the community can get together outside to visit and have a good time – all provided by members of the community.
   The committee members wore bright green tie-dyed t-shirts proclaiming Rawson Proud.

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