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Local Couple Celebrates 76 Years of Marriage: It’s a Matter of Loving to Be Together

Paula McKibben   “I have one good piece of advice. I learned early on that her outlook/opinion was much better than mine. I depended on her good common sense” (Luther Shetler, Feb. 6, 2017).
   This is one good reason why Luther and Geneva Shetler recently celebrated their 76th wedding anniversary. They were married on Dec. 22, 1940, in Goshen, Indiana, at the Eighth Street Mennonite Church.
   They had a lot in common. They both grew up on farms: Luther on a dairy farm outside of Goshen, and Geneva on a turkey and crop farm outside of Archbold, Ohio. They even both had college aspirations.

Whittlin’ Away at the Bucket List: Phil Weisenbarger and the Veteran Car Run

by Paula McKibben   The planets and stars finally aligned and Phil Weisenbarger got his trip to London to the Brighton Veteran Car Run in London in the late fall.
   It was all sort of magical. His whole family knew that he wanted to see this race, but he hadn’t been able to put it together yet. Then, at the beginning of October, his nephew in London called with a birthday gift: come to London to stay in his flat for a week, including the first Sunday in November when the run happens. It was already October. Could he make it happen?

Demonstrations, Protests, Marches  Part of Being an American Citizen

by Paula McKibben   Wendy Chappell-Dick has been attending protest marches since before she was born. Her first was in 1969 when her mother, Bobbie Chappell was expecting her. According to Wendy, she has attended a protest against every president since 1969.
She recently attended two events – the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., and the protest at Standing Ridge, North Dakota.

Council Approves Bike Path, Village Administrator Relieved of Position

by Sarah Beechboard   Bluffton Town Hall held its second council meeting of the year on a rainy Monday night. As usual, the meeting was held at 8 p.m. on the fourth Monday of January. After order was called and the pledge was recited, the minutes from the previous meeting as well as the bills were approved without any discussion. There also were four pieces of legislation passed.

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