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Bluffton Senior Center’s New Handicap-Accessible Door Dedicated to Former Director

   The Bluffton Senior Center held a ribbon cutting on Monday, July 7 at 2 p.m. for its new handicap-accessible door. Ken and Lee Cookson, sons of former Senior Center Director Betty Cookson, purchased the door in honor of their mother. Lee and his family brought Betty to the senior center on Monday for the dedication ceremony. The door will help those with wheelchairs and walkers, as well as shoppers with strollers, gain better access to the building and will serve as a permanent reminder of Betty’s long service to the senior center and to Bluffton.

Youth for Christ Project Home Reaches Completion, Shown to Public During Open House

by Austin Arnold   A lot of hands can make a home go up rather quickly. The Pandora/Bluffton Youth for Christ group has certainly proven that. This past weekend, the group’s project home, located at 160 South Bentley Road in Bluffton, was available for everyone to see during an open house celebrating the completion of the home.

Bluffton Schools Receives Preliminary State Test Scores for 2014

    Bluffton Exempted Village Schools recently received its preliminary test scores for 2014 on all levels including the elementary, middle school and high school.  The Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) tests students in grades 3-8 and measures students’ understanding of various subjects. For the elementary (third grade through fifth grade), 97 percent of students passed the reading test in the third grade, 98 percent passed the reading test in the fourth grade and 97 percent of the fifth grade passed their reading test. For the math test, the third grade had 91 percent of students passing, 95 percent passed in the fourth grade and 91 percent passed on the fifth grade level.

Local Author Releases Latest Techno-Thriller Novel Amidst Recent ‘Fever’ of Projects

by Austin Arnold   New York Times bestselling author and local Bluffton resident Tobias Buckell has seen another project come to fruition. His latest novel, titled “Hurricane Fever,” which is connected to his previous book “Arctic Rising,” was officially made available to the public on July 1.
   “Hurricane Fever” is another “techno-thriller,” as the author described, set in the near future. It features a character from 2012’s “Artic Rising,” and the backdrop of the book is in the Caribbean, where Buckell hails from.

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