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MHCO Gives to Christian Education and Pandora-Gilboa Athletic Boosters

   On Friday, Feb. 20 and Tuesday, March 3, Mennonite Home Communities of Ohio (MHCO) provided $1000 checks to Release Time/Weekday Christian Education and the Pandora-Gilboa Athletic Boosters.  The occasion was the fulfillment of a commitment made back in 2010 when MHCO unexpectedly received a large gift from the estate of James and Frieda Basinger.  “We were so pleased and surprised by the generosity of James and Frieda that we wanted to share this gift with the larger community,” stated Laura Voth, CEO.  “It is such a privilege to be able to ‘pay it forward.’”

Bluffton’s Et Cetera Shop Searching for Additional Space

   After more than 40 years at its current location, the board of Et Cetera Shop, Inc., feels that the Et Cetera Shop is in need of more space to reach its potential. To that end, the board has been exploring options ranging from renovations to the current space to alternative locations in town.
   The mission of the Etc. Shop, as many will already know, is to provide funding for Mennonite Central Committee projects around the world that provide crisis relief, development and peace promoting activities.  The board’s primary motivation is to provide more funds for these worthy projects. The board also endeavors to provide a safe and comfortable place for our many volunteers to work and feel that this could be better accomplished with more space.

Pandora Resident Very Much Alive and Well Despite Documents Claiming Him Deceased

by Ivy Keller   It might seem like something out of a bad dream – a person wakes up one day only to find he’s been declared dead by the government. The person starts to receive letters from his bank, from the pension company, and others expressing condolences over the death. While this may seem like an unlikely and unsettling scenario, it’s exactly what happened to Jim Hight, 54, of Pandora, Ohio. A few weeks ago, he received a letter from his pension plan. According to him, his social security number was listed as deceased on Jan. 5.

Bluffton Sees Many Garage Sale Visitors

by Ivy Keller   This past weekend, Friday and Saturday Feb. 27 and 28, the S.H.A.N.N.O.N. Service Club of Bluffton held a garage and craft sale at The Centre in Bluffton. On Friday, the service club also held its annual Chicken Barbeque along with the garage and craft sale. People from all around the area came together for the events, at which everything from fresh-baked bread to collectible figurines was sold. The atmosphere was cheerful as the event wrapped up on Saturday morning. While the event space wasn’t quite packed, there were plenty of people walking around looking for a deal.

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