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Christmas at Schumacher Homestead

by Paula McKibben   Christian and Barbara Luginbuhl Schumacher, who built the Swiss Homestead in the 1840s and 1850s after immigrating from Switzerland, probably never celebrated Christmas with their 16 children. Even though there were Christmas celebrations in Europe complete with Christmas trees and decorations as early as the 1500s, the Schumachers were Anabaptists who probably would not have participated in that kind of a Christmas.

Dotson’s Business on the Grow Again

by Paula McKibben   Tommy Dotson and his wife Sheena are believers in small towns. They believe that the best way to have a successful business in an area is to support the other businesses in that area. “We spend as much money as we can in town, whether it be the Dough Hook, Diller’s Flooring and Interiors, or others.” As a result, they believe, “word of mouth is the best” way to get the word out about their businesses. “Face to face is how we have grown our business.”

Town and Country Flowers Looking Forward to the Next 10 Years in Bluffton

by Paula McKibben   “I think we just saw what a nice community it was, and we wanted to be a part of it,” commented Connie Kruse about why Town and Country Flowers came to downtown Bluffton 10 years ago this season.
   Town and Country is owned by Ken Kruse and Mike Ellerbrock, who also own shops in Ottawa (34 years), Lima (24 years), Columbus Grove (16 years) and Ottoville (8 years).

Bluffton Kicks Off the Christmas Season

by Paula McKibben   In spite of the cold, breezy evening, a large crowd attended the 29th Annual Chamber of Commerce Blaze of Lights celebration in downtown Bluffton.
   Chad Hartson got the evening activities started by carving an angel out of a block of ice. What he pointed out was that after creating the angel’s front, he then had to do the back because his art is in the round.
   While he was carving, the parade was lining up, directed by Junior Weihrauch, parade director, on Snider Road and at the parking lot at the Centre. Fire engines, rescue units, and float, after float, after float.

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