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Bluffton Elementary Students Collect Coins for Pennies for Patients Drive

   According to Christine McCafferty, reading teacher at Buffton Elementary, the elementary students in grades K through 5 collected $3,172.44 in change for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in a Pennies for Patients drive.
   McCafferty says that every year the elementary collects items for something or someone in need as a way of instilling in students the idea of helping out others in time of need. She believes “blood cancer is something that, sadly, everyone has a connection to whether they know someone who is fighting it currently, or someone who has fought it in the past, or they themselves have experienced it first hand.”

Physical Therapy is All About Quality of Life, Alleviating Pain Through Lifestyle Modification

by Paula McKibben   LuAnn Rieman has been a physical therapist (PT) for more than 20 years, serving at Bluffton Hospital for more than a decade. Before Bluffton Hospital, she had worked at the OSU Medical Center for 10 years and did home health for Mt. Carmel. At Blanchard Valley, she has worked at Birchaven, Whirlpool, Bridge Hospice, and in acute care and outpatient care. Obviously, she is a Bluffton associate with lots of experience that she can use to assist her patients.

Village and ODOT Representatives Meet to Discuss Intersection Issue

by Paula McKibben   Just as Paula Scott had hoped, the grassroots effort to make the intersection of Main and College safer has prompted the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to offer alternative recommendations to the addition of a stoplight at the intersection of College and Main.
   Kirk Slusher, Deputy Director District 1; Matt Rosebrock, Traffic and Safety Engineer; and Rod Maas, Planning Engineer, attended a meeting at the Town Hall to address possible alternatives.

Christmas at the Schumacher Homestead Comes to Life During Open House

by Paula McKibben   Christmas at the Swiss Homestead lived up to the experience of Christmases past.
   Rachel Friesen was baking gingerbread in a dutch oven pot with coals underneath it and on top of it.
   Jason Althaus was in charge of candlemaking and was using the fireplace to melt the wax for candles.
   Martina Cucchiara and Ivan Friesen were in charge of breadmaking – big, beautiful, tasty round loaves.
   In the living room, the dulcimers had just finished and the Bluffton High School strings were beginning their Christmas serenade.

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