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New Bike Path Connects Points A and B

   Connectibility, safety and community cooperation joined hands as the Lions Way Augsburger Road Pathway opened last week. Here’s what was accomplished at the Oct. 31 ribbon cutting and dedication: Distance shortened from Point A to Point B.
   Point A being Maple Crest, Willow Ridge, Riverbend, Augsburger Road residents and the Bluffton University Nature Preserve; Point B being Bluffton proper.
   Safety issues disappeared. Young and old walkers, joggers, bikers, seniors in motorized wheelchairs, and, yes, vehicle drivers, no longer compete for space along Augsburger.

Kinn Named Manager of Chiles-Laman Funeral Services in Bluffton

   Jon B. Kinn has been named manager of Chiles-Laman Funeral and Cremation Services in Bluffton according to an announcement by Bob Laman, president, and Gordon Diller, secretary-treasurer.
   Kinn is a 1993 graduate of Bluffton High School and 1997 graduate of Bluffton College (now University). He has literally grown up with the company, having started by mowing lawns and washing cars in the summer of 1991.   

Village Celebrates Opening of Lions Way Augsburger Path

   On Monday, Oct. 31, members of the Bluffton Lions, village officials and community members gathered at 4 p.m. for a ceremony that officially opened the Lions Way Augsburger Path. The path aims to provide a safer way for pedestrians to walk, run, bike, etc., as the path extends from the village out to the Mennonite Home Community facilities on Augsburger Road. 

Lions Way Augsburger Path to Open

   The newest section of the Bluffton pathway system will be dedicated at 4 p.m., Monday, Oct. 31, at the entrance of the new path on Augsburger Road near the Bluffton University athletic complex.
    The $244,000 Lions Way-Augsburger Road pedestrian and bike path project was completed earlier this week as the final layer of asphalt was applied on Oct. 23.
  The pathway connects Elm Street to the Riverbend residential housing development and Maple Crest retirement community. The path removes bikers, joggers and pedestrians from the busy Augsburger Road.
   The dedication and ribbon cutting is open to the public.

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